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Eight Great Kids’ Books About Divorce: Older Readers (10 – Teen)

Divorce (and separation) is hard for everyone - parents and kids alike, but it is often especially difficult for teenagers who are already navigating numerous physical and emotional changes, and may feel resentful of another challenge placed in their lap. In combination with other support, books can be a great resource to help teens cope, especially if they aren’t ready to talk openly about their feelings in the early stages. From starting conversations to just giving kids a character to relate to, we’ve gathered eight books for tween and teen readers to help work through this challenging time and come out the other side stronger and more resilient. 

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Eight Great Kids’ Books about Divorce: Young Readers (ages 2 – 8) 

Divorce and parental separation is tough for all members of a family, but it can be extra hard on young children who may not completely understand what’s happening and/or may lack the coping skills to easily adjust to a big change in their lives. One way to smooth the transition and help kids understand what’s happening is by reading books about divorce with your children. Kids of all ages can relate to characters in books and reading about experiences like their own can help them come to terms with big life changes. We’ve gathered our favorite books about divorce and change for young readers to help you and your child conquer the new chapter.

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