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Meet the Firm Dogs!

By: Z Family Law

Dogs truly are man’s best friend and here at Z Family Law, our pups have a special place in our hearts. Our group chats are filled with photos of our furry coworkers and stories of their many hilarious antics, and we’re always asking each other for pupdates. In honor of International Dog Day on August 26th, some of the ZFL team members shared their favorite things about their canine companions!


Lily has one very unique trait – Lily is biologically both a boy and a girl! She has embraced her feminine side, and is the most loveable dog around. Despite her small stature, she thinks she is a big dog and at the dog park, she’ll pick a great dane to play with over a dachshund any day. Lily also moonlights as a mountain goat – she loves to climb on anything and everything! 

Hannah Banana is an extremely “derpy” dog! She gets herself stuck places all the time. She’ll crawl under furniture and then can’t get back out. She’s also a chicken in a dog suit… she is terrified of strangers, but if you make it into her circle, she will love you forever!

Wednesday puts herself to bed every day at about the same time.  She asks to go out around 10:30pm, gets a snack, then heads to bed, regardless of whether or not her humans go up with her. 

Bubba is a total goofball and while he can be aloof at times, his love for Miss Piggy is abundantly clear – they can frequently be found snuggling in their favorite chair or lounging together on the couch!
Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is aptly named because she snorts and snuffles like a pig! She has the cutest, shortest little legs, and also gives really sweet hugs! She and Bubba are basically married, but Piggy definitely runs in the show in her house.

Bender is really shy around strangers, so he keeps a very small circle of human friends, but when he greets the people he really likes, he grabs them by the arm and (gently) pulls them into the house. Occasionally, his “love bites” leave a mark, but if you’re lucky enough to be Bender’s friend, you know it’s his way of saying “I love you!”

Lrrr has no idea how big he is, and he wants to sit in every lap. He gets all the love and attention when out and about and enjoys frequenting local breweries and dog-friendly patios. Just watch your meal… he might steal it right off the table!
Athena M.

Athena will do ANYTHING for food… Human food, dog food, cat food, hamster food, the girl is not picky! She is 14, but still jumps around a lot of days like she’s 5, so maybe she knows a secret to longevity that the rest of us don’t! 

Ellaigh was returned to the shelter at least 4 times before Sam M. and her family adopted her. The day they brought her home, she was underweight and anxiety ridden, but she seemed to know she was finally in her forever family, and she gave Sam a literal hug. She still gives the best doggy hugs, and will wrap her paws around your waist in a really sweet gesture of affection!

Bear is really vocal, but he doesn’t know how to bark. He has all kinds of vocalizations, including his “warble,” his “threat-detected rolling growl,” his “hello” which is the closest thing to a normal bark, except with at least one toy in his mouth, and when he tries to howl along with his little big sister, Rory, he just kind of screams.  

Rory may have little legs, but she is a speed demon made to zoom. Whenever she gets excited (or wet), she runs around the house at top speed, up and down the stairs, over and under furniture, sometimes grabbing a toy and squeaking it with glee as she goes. Occasionally, her big little brother, Bear, will join in and she’ll run right under him. 

Rico has a hysterical personality. He is obsessed with car rides and throws a literal fit if he doesn’t get some sort of car ride once a week… he will pull towards the parking lot and jump in the air spastically as if that would get him to the car any faster. He also sighs like THE most disappointed dog in all of dog history, if his family goes out to run errands and he doesn’t get to come. 

We love our quirky, comedic, and sometimes trouble-making companions! What adorable quirks does your dog have?

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